Marco Rambaldi brand was born in Bologna, Italy, in 2017. It’s here that the history of inclusion, upcycling and gender bender began.

In the era of mass production, where quantity overcomes quality, we strongly believe in people and in their ideas. Kindness is the weapon we use. Our mission is to find excellence in materials processed by the skilled hands of Italian artisan workshops and share it with the world.

Marco Rambaldi offers a total look, with a focus on knitwear and outerwear, including dresses, tops, shirts, skirts, trousers and t-shirts. He also added leather accessories, such as bags and shoes, in recent seasons.

In Rambaldi’s creative vision, the world of the Italian bourgeoisie of the seventies, collides in its repetitive daily expressive codes, with a radically young, emotional, transversal, new aesthetic. Those two generations eternally confronted colliding in their primary precepts of conservation and subversion: a coffee table in which copies of historical patinated fashion magazines such as “Sguardo italiano” or “Linea Italiana” are mixed with rough-looking punk fanzines, unfinished, desperate.

In Marco Rambaldi’s narrative there is at the same time a sense of annihilation and a necessary need for survival, synthesis of opposites, love for the present.

Made in Italy is finally reinterpreted in its cultural context, not only used as a synonym of quality which is the matrix of creative force, not its goal. Because only through the recovery of what is undeniably old but that belongs to us will we be able to understand where we come from and what is the world we want to build.

Marco Rambaldi is distributed by 247 showroom. Next agency is in charge of PR.